Friday, August 15, 2008

Mission Vintage Popcorn Maker!

Not entirely out of character, we three strange birds decided that we could not live without owning our very own, circus-style, red, vintage popcorn maker. Searching high and low and everywhere in between we finally scored when we found out that Le Gourmet Chef in Buffalo, NY had one more lonely popcorn maker that had been sitting unloved for over a year. Oh the surprise when they heard we were coming!

However, being from Toronto, Canada, this turned into quite an odd little journey that will forever be remembered as “that trip where that extremely enthusiastic customs officer almost jumped into our backseat to take a closer look at our popcorn maker and made long, chatty conversation about the potential uses of it...”

Here she is in all her glory…ain't she purdy? For rental inquiries you can contact us at Any takers?

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