Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For the Love of Mailboxes

I've been thinking, lately, about the beauty of old vintage mailboxes. What a great way to present your "gift table"! How much fun would it be for your guests (who are already worried about how to sneakily slip a cheque to you without it getting lost) to be able to mail it to you in your own personal wedding mailbox! Sounds like 1 minute of great fun to me. For 100 guests, that is 100 minutes of fun! And how adorable would it look perched on a table, or even on a post, at your wedding all evening? Determined to do this for an upcoming wedding in October, I have been all eyes for any old steel mailboxes with a vintage red post on it. The verdict? Not easy to find indeed, and not cheap either! Finally found some good candidates, courtesy of blogger Poppytalk.

Clockwise from top, the
Chinese Letter Boxes, from, old fashioned rural mailboxes via apartment therapy, Ecco Traditional Mailbox (yummy!) from

Loving the Ecco Mailbox, I found a cheaper alternative, but perhaps not as vintage looking, at and their online store.

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