Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i heart scandinavian design

You know it will be a great day when you receive the new IKEA catalogue in the mail...yippeee! It is filled with so many decorating possibilities and combinations. I really am a sucker for the simple and functional style of Scandinavian design.

Which is why on a recent shopping trip to the charming town of Port Perry (just north-east of Toronto), Melanie and I were thrilled to find a cute little store tucked away off the main shopping drag. Stockholm Inside housed a wealth of well-designed, and fine-quality housewares. Although very much unlike IKEA in the quality and pocketbook departments (read: great quality, not cheap), that characteristic Scandinavian design sense was all there. And I found myself the proud owner of this beautiful table runner - yippee again! I love the modern 'doiliness' of it. Man, those Swedes are clever...

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