Wednesday, March 4, 2009

anthurium beauty

I was immediately taken by the pictures of this Australian wedding posted on Style Me Pretty . The pictures looked so incredible lovely in almost a haunting way. But the story behind the wedding got me even more, and it's almost as if I could sense the meaning of the event just by glimpsing the pictures. Apparently, their wedding took place during the terrible wildfires in Australia, on a day where thousands of people lost their homes. The bride and groom had no choice but to carry on with their wedding day - can you imagine how hard that would be? It's almost as if you can see the ash in the air of their pictures. Apparently, their original bouquet and flowers got scorched. But still they managed to create themselves a beautiful moment, during a horrendous, chaotic time. It must have been such a bittersweet moment. I love the groom's anthurium boutonneire and the bride's simple anthurium bouquet. I didn't see pics of their bridesmaids, but I think it would have looked lovely if their bridesmaids had each carried a single anthurium bloom as their bouquets as well.

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