Saturday, March 28, 2009

CEP Star Award...yay!

Yippee! As Melanie mentioned this morning, we are honoured to have won the Canadian Event Perspective Magazine's Star Award for 'Best Wedding Under $75,000'! Friday's gala dinner was a wonderful awards show and we met so many fantastic and supportive people in the event community. See the above pics from last night...including a photo of our name as our nomination was called...however just as I took a picture, I realized that the photo onscreen wasn't our event at all! Oops! Ah well. It just kind of made everything a bit more entertaining!

Stacey Wyatt from CEP Magazine mentioned in her speech last night that the event industry can sometimes seem frivolous, especially in tough economic times. But that it's important to remember that life is made up of moments - some that are meant to be celebrated and always remembered. Creating a spectacular and beautiful event that will forever be remembered as a special moment in someone's life really is quite an important role - and not so frivolous afterall. I loved this thought.

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Felinity - core feminine movement said...

Congradulations! Inbloom is truly one of a kind...