Friday, March 13, 2009

paper nerd: in love with origami cranes

I've mentioned previously that I am a 'paper nerd'. I'm not sure though, if I really drove home the extent of my nerdiness. I just love paper - any sort of paper - and could literally stare at swatches, colours, textures, and patterns for hours. I constantly ogle the loveliness on Paper Source and basically any paper store I can find. And I have oodles of paper hanging in my office that I don't actually know what to do with! They are just hanging there looking pretty and making me happy.

Anyway, I've had a strange fascination with paper origami
cranes lately, and I wondered what cool decorative things could be made with these beautiful folded creations.
This glorious paper crane mobile was spotted in a home on The Selby.

How about using them as place cards holders? {top via Julie Mikos, bottom via Project Wedding}

And check out this gorgeous use of paper cranes at Yuli and Keith's wedding {via Robert Sukrachand}.

According to an ancient Japanese legend, anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish...better start folding! Have a great weekend Bloomers...

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