Monday, March 9, 2009

petticoat bride

I'm looking for a crinoline petticoat to go under my vintage "Practice Wedding" dress. It has to be in a bright colour - probably either yellow or teal. I've found a few options out there. I was super excited when I saw this beautiful yellow one up for bid on ebay for $9.99 but then when I checked back the item had been pulled because it was lost or damaged!!! What are the chances?! Also I'd kill to wear the one that was made for the unfair!

{This one was on ebay but its now broken or lost...sniff sniff}

{This one on the GoodEye Etsy store is a beaut...but unfortunately the wrong colour}
{What the frig?! Why is this gorgeous one made for a dog?? Why not pint sized humans?}
{Minty! Too bad its from the UK!!}

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