Tuesday, March 17, 2009

maple syrup adventures

Last week, myself, my friend Aliya and her lovely visitors from France went on a maple syrup adventure at Bruce's Mill in Stouffville (they hold weddings here too!). We pounded back shots of 100% homemade maple syrup, had some pancakes, some maple fudge and candies (oy, I feel bloated just remembering it!) and got a lovely little tour by Santa Claus and ZZ Top. Apparently, this is what they do on their off season. I was inspired by the lovely tin buckets on the trees catching the sap - us 'Bloomers really do love our galvanized pails.

Aliya and I with Bud, the bud

Checking out the sap buckets - I fancy Guillaume's rainbow scarf.

Real pioneers are boilin' the water off the maple syrup - did you know that the reason why pioneers spent so much time on maple syrup is because they didn't make salt in Ontario, and so they used maple syrup to preserve all their meats? yummy!

There was this llama there too. Take a look at how pretty her blue eyes are!

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inBloom Studio said...

that first photo is unreal!