Thursday, March 26, 2009

simple nature-inspired chuppahs

I've had my eye on some simple, birch pole chuppahs for a while - here are some of my favs! I have to say simple chuppah structures are not an easy find. But the best news of all is that inBloom can provide birch chuppahs for our Jewish clientele's wedding decor. And even if it's not for a Jewish ceremony, I think they'd certainly just make a beautiful wedding canopy for anyone! {pic above is from Brooklyn Bride}

{from Style Me Pretty}

These aren't birch, but they are also made from trees poles - nice and simple

Another chuppah made from tree posts {sadly, I lost the link for this pic - if anyone knows, please let me know}

How cute is this hand-held chuppah on sticks!! {from Belathee Photography via A Practical Wedding}

Hung between trees, I couldn't resist posting this lace/doily chuppah. Imagine if the whole top was made of little doilies strung together? That's it, we're doing it! {pic above from A Practical Wedding}


inBloom Event Design said...

That is exactly like the doily chuppah I wanted to do for the Practice Wedding! Good fine Melanie Bloomer!!

inBloom Event Design said...

That was...good FIND Melanie Bloomer! But good fine works too I guess...ha ha!