Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some design inspiration

I've been so wrapped up in the details of actually getting to Israel that I forgot that I might get inspiration from some actual Israeli design there - it was my lovely friend Jen who pointed it out. So I got excited the other day, jumped the gun and googled interior designers from Israel, and there I already found inspiration on this super cool blog! There, I saw lots of clean white decor, nice lines with elements of rough wood and a bit of pattern here and there. The apartment of an architect, Guy Velikson, who lives in Tel Aviv, caught my eye- I like, I like. And the other thing I keep seeing? Carpet tiles! I have never seen this here, but it looks like a super tasty floor to me. Imagine this was your bathroom floor?
what is this strange thing called carpet tile?! I hope I see it there!

{all pics above from this awesome Tchochkes blog here}

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