Thursday, August 20, 2009

doily jewelry holder anyone?

Also on my lunch break, in addition to Kensington Market, I tend to frequent Urban Outfitters {what can I say...I'm in a very central shopping location!} which can be a bit dangerous sometimes, especially around pay day. Today when I went for a look-see I found one of the craftiest and cleverest things I've seen in forever! Just this very morning I was looking at my pile of jewelry scattered messily all over my dresser and wondered what I could do to solve this situation. I have very limited surface space in my condo and trinkets and nic-nacs just aren't welcome until we have a larger house one day. But then low and behold someone created this loverly idea...put my jewelry on the wall...WITH AN OLD FRAME AND A DOILY!! So obviously right up my alley...hello circus wedding decor! I think I might make me a few of these beauts!

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Linsay said...

hi girls! I made myself one of these after seeing it at a market in London, England. it's awesome :)