Tuesday, August 18, 2009

picking house colours? done!

I have finalized my house colours...this means they are going to start digging soon! Some of this will be a recap, but I thought I'd share the final choices:

The Kitchen: "Limestone" Coloured Countertops, dark espresso brown cabinets, taupe tiles...

This is what the colour of the cabinets will look like...the ones on the bottom (not the windowy ones on top!):

I like this colour for our hardwood floors in the living room and family room:

With a teal piano sitting atop the chocolate floors please for a pop of colour (tee hee):

The Bathroom Upstairs: Granite looking counters, dark wood cabinets, white tiles

The carpet (these were our only choices...can you imagine!) ... the most plain colour we could find:

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