Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a designer's delight from my very own condo window

I feel like a bit of a peeping tom but it really truly isn't my fault. Our condo is on the 17th floor and we have the most amazing view of downtown Toronto {see above if you don't believe me!} and I always find myself staring out the window when I'm on the phone, day-dreaming or eating a meal. I've noticed this amazing rooftop patio that belongs to an apartment over a store on Bathurst Street. I've often dreamed about what I would do with it if it were mine since it used to be this bare, concrete square that had plastic lawn chairs on it. Then low and behold, one day I was doing my usual day-dreaming and voila it was like design heaven dropped on "my" rooftop patio! And it was so much better than I had thought of myself and I've gotta say I'm more than slightly envious! I'm not sure who is responsible for this transformation but I think I want to be their friend!

So, sorry if this is your private property and you are feeling a bit exposed, but I really thought it ought to be shared with the rest of us! I feel like I shouldn't be considered a peeping tom because really when you buy an apartment at the foot of a 20 story building in downtown Toronto you kind of have to expect that someone is looking at you. I really can't avoid looking since it is in my direct line of sight each and everyday. I mean its not like I needed the 16X zoom on my camera to really capture it...okay so I might have needed it a little bit. But I really just wanted to make sure that if you thought it was private enough to do a little naked might not want to...I'm such a good samaritan.

{I'm not sure if the zoom allows you to see but the walls are painted a very pale blue colour that look spectacular with the red print and the teal lounge. Did you notice that they even laid grass?! And they have palm trees...PALM TREES!!!}

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inBloom Event Design said...

haha so funny, you peeping tom!! that's really cool though...!!