Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sold! one orange orchid bouquet please!

Joelle and Melanie Bloomer found me an orange bouquet for my Israeli beach wedding finally! Who knew that would be the thing that caused me most of the problems!! Anyone remember the make-up trials?! I thought that would be the hardest part.

I was trying to be "different" and stay away from orchids because everyone was telling me that orchids were the flower to get in Israel but I just didn't want to get everyone else's flowers. Israel is hot and humid...they should have a ton of flowers that we don't have right?! Anyways, doesn't matter, my Bloomers found me a gorgeous and unique orchid bouquet that will perfectly suit my simple Kate Hudson/You Me & Dupree wedding gown and my aqua and orange colour scheme! It suits Israels strange lack of exotic flowers and it suits me! Loverly....

Here it is...they found it in Wedluxe magazine! Loving the beachy trails of orchids hanging down from it.

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