Thursday, August 27, 2009

seating plan...OY VEY!

So in November when we came to Israel to plan our wedding in 10 days, we had a little disagreement with D's mom over seating cards. I could not even imagine the chaos of not having one with 200 guests, however I was told that Israeli's don't have seating cards as they would think they were silly and wouldn't do as they were told and would sit wherever they wanted anyways. I conceded...against my event planning and organizational have a free for all for the tables. What the heck, it was definitely easier on me!! I figured I'd just use my cute ideas for future clients. Thinking all the planning was finished and that D and I could enjoy a little pre-wedding break on the beach, we were told on arrival that in fact Israeli's were now having seating plans at their weddings and that we too needed to have one. OY! In a whirlwind of 2 days, with zero preparation and no clue where to find supplies here, poor D was dropped smack in the world of event design! Here is what we came up with...not the ideas I had originally but we think it looks good in the end. Luckily I had the little tags for the wedding favors which were easily converted into place cards. I wish the board had been that easy!!!

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Rethink Breast Cancer said...

You're like the MacGyver of event design!

An old piece of gum, a 1/2 melted ice cube, and some double-sided tape ... and voila ... you have a Hoopa!