Tuesday, August 25, 2009

here i am...in the holy land!

I've made it! The wedding is on Sunday and it is now Tuesday and I have to say after the last 2 days of utter stress and chaos it looks like I might be on my way to having my loverly Israeli beach wedding. Wedding Planning 101 does NOT teach you how to navigate the wedding world in another language and culture! I think I'm ready for pretty much everything now...the biggest lesson ever...never assume anything and expect the worse...ha! Oh and if you think you are both talking about the same thing, find a second person to translate because chances are you are not!
On a positive side, I did have a great hair trial with the hair stylist I booked that I never met or tried out...phew! He came highly recommended from my makeup artist who gave me the much anticipated vogue cheek so I figured I was in good hands {only 5 more days until my vogue cheek and I are reunited!} We are going to go with the braided Molly Sims hair-did but he is going to gather it up in the back for the ceremony and when the sun goes down and its less hot he wants me to let it loose down my shoulder like in the picture. I like the versatility of this!

And I promise to finally post the pics of my Kate Hudson dress as soon as the wedding is over. It is still being hidden from the eyes of my D. He got all superstitious on me.
So today I think after a couple more errands this morning we will take some time for ourselves and do a little sunbathing on the beach. Yipppeeee!

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