Friday, September 25, 2009

black chandeliers

I was going to write an entirely different post today, on an entirely different subject. But digging through my design inspiration images {I keep a folder on my computer called 'Things I Like' which seems to be expanding exponentially by the day} and soon realized that I have clipped quite a few images with black I decided to post on that instead! If you ask me, a chandelier in any colour is pretty cool, but the contrast of these black ones against the white or light interiors are simply delish. {top to bottom: Domino Magazine {sniffle}; not sure; Living Etc.; Canadian House and Home}.

And speaking of delish...I have a fun project that I will start reporting on next week that involves yummy morsels of deliciousness. Stay tuned...

Have a wonderful weekend! 
The Bloomers

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Susan Terese said...

love the black chandeliers!!! there's something sort of romantic about them :)