Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shayna bloomer's israel wedding {part iii}

Got them!! We drove to visit our awesome photographer {Shahar Drori} yesterday to pick up our hundreds of photos! He is such a fun and amazing person, wish he was in Canada and we could hang out all the time! He has an incredible talent for capturing amazing candid moments. Looking through the pictures gave me a chance to see the wedding I didn't get to see that night! I don't think he missed one moment and I'm so grateful. So here is a just a mere few of my favorite photos at first glance. I thought I'd stick to the ceremony and party today and forego design specific photos...I deserve a little guilty pleasure every so often I think!!

These two shots are so fabulous...they made D have his back to me so he couldn't see me and then caught him as he turned around and saw me for the first time. He is adorable!

Yup...that would be Shayna Bloomer jumping in her wedding dress and heels!

One last quiet moment before the chaos began!
Need I say more?!


helen said...

i love these pictures!!! what an amazing wedding, again!!!

COCAMIA said...

The two of you are so charming!!!