Tuesday, September 8, 2009

shayna bloomer's israel wedding {part ii}

The Bloomers are making their way back home to Toronto one by one! Thanks for staying tuned while we were in Israel...it was tricky posting while we were away, but Melanie was very determined despite the complicated Hebrew web browser {the 'back' button pointed forward, and the menu options were anyone's guess!}. Thanks so much for your comments...keep 'em coming! We love to hear from our fellow Bloomers!

We are still waiting for the professional shots of the wedding, however we just wanted to share a bit more until then!

Shayna getting her wedding hairs and makeup done...

The messy side bun!

Some shots of the beautiful venue, Shonit. It doesn't rain in Israel in the summer {forecast: sunny and hot across the board} so the ceremony, dinner and dancing were held outside, uncovered, on the beach. So lovely.

Shayna in her Kate Hudson You, Me and Dupree-inspired wedding dress

The Bloomers!

We were all a part of the ceremony so we didn't get very many photos of the bride and groom together. Not to worry, the pros got a bunch! Here is a shot of Shayna and Dan dancing...more to come so stay tuned...


Coca Mia said...

You looked stunning!!!!!

inBloom Event Design said...

Thanks!! More pics of my "vogue cheek" coming soon :)

Rethink Breast Cancer said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Love the little orange flowers ... what are they?

Reysbro said...

I love Weddings in Israel . That seems like a great venue for one.
Mazal Tov!