Friday, September 11, 2009

cotton used in weddings!

A little while back, Melanie Bloomer mentioned her beloved cotton plant, and I myself have one in my living room too! What sweet little cloud-like puffs.

These adorable plants have long been banished to undies, comfy tees and sheets. Well I think it's about time to celebrate them, don't you? How about sporting a cotton pod as a creative and unique

Or in a quirky bouquet? It wouldn't wilt!
But you might be tempted to cuddle up and fall asleep on it...

Cotton might make a pretty cool centrepiece too...

What do you think? Enjoy your weekend Bloomers!

1, 2 - photos by Bella Grace Studios as seen on Green Wedding Shoes
3 - photo by Almasy Photography as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs
4 - photo from Wedding Obsession
5 - photo from Hofland


Melanie said...

oh it hits close to my heart!! I love it and would like to use it one day for me!! could have all your centerpieces down well ahead of time!!

Jennifer Warner said...

Love! What an original fun yet soft idea! =)