Monday, September 21, 2009

grey hardwood?

dark "vintage" grey hardwood?

a country grey hardwood?

a lighter, softer grey hardwood?

a more roughened, antique-looking grey hardwood?

almost a brown-ish hue to it - I like it with the pops of orange

A white-washed "zebra" hardwood?

Ok, so I saw my friend Tahlia the other day, and we got talking about my new house and the choices of hardwood. Lo and behold, she mentioned that she saw someone with grey hardwood floors and it looked very nice...wowzers, this blew my mind and got me thinking a bit. In my head I had my house decorated in espresso, almost black, hardwood floors; but the prospect of grey really through me for a loop. So I've been searching around online, and while there isn't a whole lot out there in terms of inspiration, I've posted some of my favourites for you to see. Now, Shayna Bloomer did say she saw some grey hardwood in IKEA the other day, which excited me greatly, but I haven't been able to find any pictures online, nor did I see it when I went there myself on Friday. In general, there appears to be different shades available... tell me, what do you think about it and what's your favourite shade?!

Different Samples of Grey Hardwood:

{pic 1 + 2 from flooring2floors; pic 3, 4 + 7 from lvwoodfloors; pic 5 from treegfrog veneer; pic 6 from ? (let me know if you know!); sample pic 8 from Berti via Treefrog}


Joelle said...

oh wow...these all look yummy to me!

sezin said...

White washed zebra is my favorite where is that one from?

Anonymous said...

did you find a grey hardwood? i like the roughened antique look. let me know if you found any good sites or info. i am also doing a house up. thanks!'

skye said...

I put grey hardwood laminate throughout my house - Adrift Pine by Armstrong. It's gorgeous!