Thursday, September 17, 2009

shayna bloomer's israel wedding {hairs and makeups}

After 5 long hours of hair and makeup, I looked and felt like a superstar! I totally got the star treatment and I have to say I could really get into this!  I had extensions, a few more eyelashes thrown in, layers upon layers of makeup that somehow ended up looking like I was naturally born that way, and the messy side bun of my dreams! No wonder celebs look the way they do! Thanks to Sharon Pur {the hair genius} and Sigal Grushka {the make-up genius} for such an amazing experience. I had so much fun with them and am currently plotting another reason to hire them again! But fear won't be for wedding #3!
Here are a few shots of the process that Sharon took throughout the day!
Look at her glorious makeup kit!
She starts with the eyes and then goes on to create a base on the rest of the face...see the shadows she creates under the makeup that accentuate all the right areas? So that's how you get a vogue cheek!! She has such delicate artist hands too...she just lightly brushes the face with all the patience in the world!
My team!
A sneaky shot by photographer Shahar totally looks posed but I swear it wasn't!
The finished product! My perfectly beachy makeup and my coveted messy side bun!


COCAMIA said...

You look so beautiful!!! So fascinated by the lady who did your face.

inBloom Event Design said...

Me too! She is so adorably gentle and sweet. She works so delicately...I really felt like her canvas!