Friday, September 11, 2009

shayna bloomer's israel wedding {the design!!}

Thanks to our wonderful designer Golan Peretz who amazingly took all my design ideas and put them together so perfectly! It was a hard thing for a Bloomer to do, to let go and let someone else decorate her own wedding {!!!!} but it was really an amazing experience to feel what other brides must feel when they hire us to put their dream into reality. I've never been in that position before and basically all I had to do the day of the wedding was go for a little dip in ocean and then sit through 5 hours {not joking!} of hair and makeup!
Here is the stunning final result of all those inspiration pics I've been posting for the last year!

This is the view when you entered the venue. The chairs are bent over because it was really really windy and they were trying to keep everything from blowing away but you get the picture! We used cream coloured linens with mocha coloured overlays. The napkins were orange and the flower pots were the same colour orange. Orange bougainvilleas were not easy to come by so we alternated between the orange and white.

Me and my Father-in-Law {hee hee...sounds funny for the first time!} having a little chat before the ceremony. But I wanted to show this picture because I love how all the colours play together and you can see the surrounding landscape. It is so beautiful with the bright green grass, the vegetation and the sea! This does not happen in Canada!

Finally...our aqua glass wedding favor put to use! They were a big hit and the perfect splash of colour for the table!

We had various types of white "alternative" seating throughout the venue. I love these white vases with orange Lizianthus flowers.

These couches and coffee tables surrounded the dance floor and used the same potted bougainvillea from the dinner tables. I love those bright orange pots against the white!!!
Our chuppa! He wrapped small branches around the chuppa structure, added a white piece of fabric on the top and hung the glass balls that we used for the wedding favors. Perfect simplicity!

Even the bar is beautiful!
{All photographs by Shahar Drori}

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Anonymous said...

WOW - what more can a humble Canadian say. It was such an amazing venue and I also love the aplashes of orange - perfect. I have long admired bougainvillea. Also love love love the white couches around the dance floor. Wish I had been sitting there with the ocean breeze watching you and Dan on your first dance.....Tina