Tuesday, September 29, 2009

saving the lilies

So, on Saturday night, the Bloomers decorated a wedding at the Boulevard Club. It was lovely - there were tall white calla lilies everywhere! (yes yes, pics coming as soon as we get them back). I went for a sleepy late night 1 a.m. pick up of all our decor stuff, and mostly everyone had left the building, sadly leaving all the beautiful lilies for garbage. So I saved them! Mission Save the Lilies indeedy. At 2pm, I was lugging them all upstairs, with the help of my new "Friends" neighbour (thanks Aliya!), cursing the lilies, until we dumped them into the lime green bucket in my kitchen. And they looked soooo lovely just sitting in the green bucket against the grey kitchen wall! Who would've thought just a green bucket of calla lilies could be so satisfying?!

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