Tuesday, January 5, 2010

jewel's wee-est wedding ever

Somehow over the holidays I got caught watching this kind of dorky show called Celebrity Homes: Holiday Decorating From the Stars. It featured these designers who were decorating celeb homes for Christmas and for the most part it was a bit over the top - but thankfully not a Santa ringlet in sight so I breathed a sigh of relief. One star that was on it, which shocked me a bit because you don't often see her doing things like this, was Jewel! I love Jewel...can't help it...she is just so sweet and talented and if you ever saw her in concert you would agree. Her concerts feel like you are sitting with her in her living room just listening to her sing.

For this show it made me love her more because she lives in a really simple ranch that just looks like anyone's home and I loved it! For Christmas they only give each other hand made gifts. She gave her husband a big book of poems that she wrote about their 10 years together. I can only imagine how amazing that book would be! It got me remembering a small little article I saw in People magazine that showed her wedding to Ty Murray on August 25, 2008 {on Joelle Bloomer and P's one year anniversary!}

I went digging around and found it and it is seriously just as lovely as I remember! They decided to just have a wedding for the two of them - the only other people who were there was their friend who officiated and his wife who was the witness! But instead of a cheesy, eloping kind of thing, they made an actual wedding on a beach! She was wearing a beautiful gown and they had a beautiful cake and a delicious dinner - just for them! Oh Jewel...you are just so neat!

Look at their romantic decor just for their own viewing pleasure!

Their own fireworks!
Talk about a Wee Wedding!!

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