Tuesday, January 12, 2010

liz + cheryl's marvy toronto island wedding

When my friend Liz and her partner Cheryl got engaged they wanted to do something special, but nothing too wedding-y, and that was completely, creatively them. In talking with Liz about her and Cheryl's likes, dislikes and what is special to them, an idea formed about holding it somewhere on Toronto Island, having all the guests ride the island bicycles to the ceremony spot that would preferably be on a beach and just having a beautiful, relaxing, fun day with their closest friends and families. The result of that discussion was the most adorably beautiful, whimsical wedding that took place on a beautiful day in September. Congratulations Liz and Cheryl...you made this event designer very very proud!

{Photos by Kate Hood Inc.}

I luuurve these set-up shots...the car full off flowers, the collecting of driftwood, all the arranging!

And then the day began!

Congratulations Liz + Cheryl! A splendid job done by two splendid people!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love those two women deeply. It was an honour to photograph for them. I look forward to meeting you bloomerism// kATE

Jess Gedge said...

lovely! i esp love the encouraging signs for the bike riders!
btw the dog in the pic looks EXACTLY like my sammie! too cute :)