Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lipstick jungle necklace envy

This is the necklace that I first noticed. I really like the flower beaded in the pearls. Close up below!

In August, I bought the Lipstick Jungle DVDs for my plane ride to Israel; however, I didn't end up watching them while there. I just lugged them all across Israel instead - yay! So, when I got home, I decided to work out while watching them in the home gym - it helps me keep up my endurance on the elliptical if I have a tv show to watch! Lo and behold, I realized I loved Lipstick Jungle, and I have been lamenting the fact that it was CANCELLED after only 2 season. Why??!! In particular, I love their clothes. But what I REALLY noticed is how awesome all their necklaces are. They have the coolest necklaces ever, really. So I spent about 3 hours screen capturing some necklace shots for you, and for me to remember when I've finished the last season. Wahhh...

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