Monday, January 18, 2010

my one hey day

The other day, after I posted the Lady's Man Cave room and got Maneater in my head, I started thinking of Nelly Furtado and remembered a day in my life that I THINK deserves to be mentioned, however silly it may be. It was a long time ago, back in University, which was oh...I won't tell you how many years ago! I had chopped off all my long hair, and had Shayna Bloomer (before we were officially Bloomers...but we were always Bloomers at heart weren't we?!) dye it black. This, my friends, was my lashing out after a major breakup. Anyway, my hair looked terrible both cut short and died black. It was the worst and most unsuccessful "break up revenge" you could ever imagine. So, I started growing it back immediately. After 8 months of growing, it was finally long enough to go in little side ponytails. So I threw my seemingly permanent black hair into the two side ponies, and went out to a bar (yes, i went to a bar!). And it was there that the marviest thing ever happened: two really drunk girls thought that I was Nelly Furtado. No, I don't care that they were plastered - the point is that I was MISTAKEN for Nelly Furtado. Folks, this has only happened once in my life - there was something about the lighting that night I guess. And oh, how I wished it would happen again, but alas, I think it was just my one hey day. Sigh. Back then, Nelly Furtado wasn't as super-glammed up as she is today, but she still sure was super. I loved her style back then, and so I thought I'd post some pics of her old pre-glam "indie" days, as she sure had an awesome earthy style! Oh Nelly, you were still so cool back then!

Oh but I also found this picture and even though it's recent, I love her glasses.

And this might be recent too, but I really like her shirt!!

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