Thursday, January 28, 2010

vanity search is on...again!

So D. and I thought we were so clever...we had everything figured out for our bathroom reno coming up in February. We bought our perfect little vanity on sale from Gingers in November which led to the choosing of specifically matching tiles that required 2 separate trips to Gingers to get the colour right. We picked all the parts and accessories and were all lined up for second week of February, had our room booked at D's sister's place when low and behold Gingers told us that the vanity that started the whole renovation project wasn't going to be in until at the earliest end of February! Looks like everyone else liked the price and arranged their renovations around it as well! So, needless to say we aren't too pleased with the service we received, and we don't want to postpone our project any longer! So back to the drawing board, where on earth will we find an affordable, 27" wall-mounted vanity that will match the tiles we've chosen??

Well let me tell ya...looking through the exhibitors listing from last week's Interior Design Show I found these most beautiful vanities from a bath company called Decotec Paris Inc!

Now they might not be just everyone's taste so knowing we will be selling our place in next couple of years we didn't think this was quite the place for such a statement. However, I loved this company and decided to look and see which Canadian company distributed their products. This crafty super-sleuthing led me to another loverly discovery...Vienna Douglas Collection! And would you know that they carry beautiful {and affordable!} vanities that just might do the trick?! D. and I are going to check them out in person on Saturday...wish us luck!

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