Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my future office

My house structure is up, the bricks are being laid as I type, and it's ALMOST ready except...the construction of our laneway (on which our garage faces) is delayed. So, potentially, I could have a house just waiting for Craiger and I to move into, but it will sit empty until the laneway issues get resolved. Oy vey! But alas, more time to dream and save money to accomplish my decorating dreams. I've shown you some favourite living rooms, bedrooms,and kitchens so far. Now, here are some of my favourite office inspirations! I think I'd like to stick with the colour scheme of violet (a smokey violet) and grey, with a touch of pomegranate red for an accent (and because I have red filing cabinets). Guaranteed that at least ONE wall WILL be a chalkboard. Did I mention that I'm obsessed with chalkboard walls?!

{pic I think was from Domino mag...boy I'm getting bad at this...or was it via inBloom Studio blog...someone tell me!}

{Pic from Nate Berkus via}

{pic via Obsidian Launch}

{pic via...Martha Stewart? Again, tell me if I've mistaken this!!}

{pic from House and Home via inBloom studio?}

(I like the set up of this desk WITHOUT the scary horn chair thank you very much! Pic for sure from inBloom Studio)

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inBloom Studio said...

I saw in Chapters that they have chalkboard panels that you can buy - a package of 4 I think - kind of like the Martha Stewart photo!