Friday, January 22, 2010

my house: the office {and some exciting news}

I've featured a few snippets of my home so far, here and here, however I wanted to introduce you to my office! Yes, my friends, this is where it all happens...inBloom central! A lot of creative brainwork takes place in this room and this is where many event designs, graphic designs and websites are born. The light was beautiful in the room this morning and my desk just happened to be clean so I thought it was a good time to take some pics!

But I also wanted to share it with you, as my little office's days are numbered. We have some
exciting news - in just a few months it will transform into a nursery for our 'Baby Bloomer', set to arrive this summer! Yippeeee! I can hardly wait! And even though I love my creative space, I have a feeling I will love, love, love it even more with a little one in here.

Lots of IKEA shelving for lots of artsy stuff! And say hello to my sock monkey Sylvia, with the big orange beehive {from The Monkey House}.

This cool old-school flip-clock screensaver can be downloaded here {found via Making it Lovely, via Swiss Miss}.

I am obsessed with paper - handmade paper, patterned paper, coloured paper, any paper! I collect it but never really know what to do with it so I constructed this paper hanger display out of bamboo sticks tied together with ribbon, to hang the paper as art. The glass 'white board' from IKEA helps me keep track of all my to-dos, both business and personal. I'm a chronic list-maker. The pencil holder is just a can covered with some Japanese paper. And framed is a handwritten note from my mom.

The doll on my shelf was sewn by my great grandmother {the one who liked minis too!}.

And inspiration magnet boards {also from IKEA} where I display my collection of cute business cards, fabric swatches, images, and things that I just find neat.

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Melly said...

i love your office. i'm happy it's going to be donated to a baby, but i sure will miss it :)