Thursday, January 14, 2010

i just learned about yarnbombing!

Now that I'm a fancy knitter and all I'm learning about the yarning community and would you know there are some purdy wild and crazy yarners out there? These crazy kittens are responsible for "yarnbombing" which I just learned is a form of knitting graffiti. Wow...these knitters certainly know how to have some fun. Wonder why I didn't know about this slightly nerdy but oh so delightful form of design rebellion?! Check it out...

A wooly phonebooth!

A decorative chain link fence!

Beer Tap cozies!

Holy moly that is a lot of work!

This is a Shed Jumper! Get it?? A shed sweater...hee!

My absolute favoritist ever! Not quite yarnbombing but it definitely needed to be mentioned! Check out the Privacy Scarf!!! Ha ha ha...look at the hand cuffs!!

Thanks Tyler for introducing me to this oh so adorable world of kind and fuzzy graffiti!

1 comment:

Jennifer Cheslock said...

Isn't so cute! They did this in Sydney to a whole street of trees. It was so pretty.