Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy

Over the holidays, D. and I accidentally had a puppy for a day. We were walking home from the Boxing Day sales when an adorable little yorkie ran out into the middle of King and Bathurst without a collar or anything! We grabbed him before he got squished by a car and walked around the block with him for about an hour and a half hoping that his owner would be running around looking for him. Some kind neighbour gave us a little leash, we went to a local pet store and bought a collar in the hopes that he would lead us to his home. He didn't. So we took him to a vet to get scanned for a microchip. He didn't have one. But the vet gave us free packets of food to take home to feed him. About an hour after we got home his owner stopped by our condo looking for him. So we had to give him back...sniff sniff. In a matter of 3 hours we had acquired a dog, a leash, a collar and 3 packages of food. We kind of look like we were dog stealers and we were a bit embarrassed!

Sooo...once we didn't have our new pet I realized I just couldn't live without a dog! I began scouring the internet like a crazy woman for little yorkie puppies because I wanted one so badly. D really didn't want one at this point in our lives so after A LOT of desperate negotiating sadly I had to give up my obsession with getting a little puppy. The very next day after I realized I wasn't getting a puppy I was grocery shopping at the Superstore and the cutest book in the whole entire world basically fell in my lap in an aisle that really shouldn't have had books. It was called The Pigeon Wants a Puppy. I felt like I was watching me in the form of a pigeon! And to think I'm in my 30's...{sheepish}.

Anyways, I fell in love with Pigeon. He is just the cutest little thing ever and says the most adorable stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone and totally wish that I had bought it! It looks like there is a series of Pigeon books...they are really good for a giggle.

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Mel said...

Haha, pigeon is so cute!! I love how it really wants a puppy...