Monday, April 12, 2010

black and white wedding dresses

I just can't help it, I have a thing with the colour black. I have always been drawn to matte black jewellery, and ideally, I'd like a black diamond ring one day, like Princess Di, although I know it's probably a little out of the lucky guy's price range! Over the past years I've been seeing some wedding dreses with black on them, and I find that I'm consistently smitten with the look. I quite like the subtle gothic effects, oddly enough.
I cut this Vera Wang ad out of a mag a long time ago... I like the black band around her bust and the black pouf bouquet {pic from a Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine a few years ago}

I like how this girl does this the black and white with more of a hippie flare {pic from Amorology blog}

I posted this a while ago but I'm still in love with her black beads and how her black hairs contrast the white! {from Junebug}

This is a little over the top, but I still kinda like it! {from Deviant Art}

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