Thursday, May 13, 2010

another bloomer belly bump!

No it isn't JUST too many cuppies...there is another reason for Shayna Bloomer's new belly...but it would be lying if I said cuppies weren't at least a little part of it. Blame it on the cravings! D. and I are super excited to announce our Baby Bloomer #2! Right now we think it kinda looks like a chicken with a monkey face but it sure is beautiful to us! Our funny little monkey is on it's way with an expected early November arrival! Although if I have my way, I think it would be pretty darn cool if this little Bloom popped out on Halloween! Can you imagine the birthday parties of the future?!

Here is my 3 month 1 week photo. I didn't intend to have my photo taken that day but realized I didn't actually have a proper picture of the 3 month mark and couldn't miss the moment! Not quite the cute lil' outfits Joelle Bloomer puts together! So I've decided my documentation of this journey will take place on my beloved silks! My goal is to try and get a picture of myself on the silks all throughout pregnancy. I have a feeling I'm going to end up standing on the ground holding them in my hand but I figured it was worth a shot! Here I am at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks and 15 weeks pregnant. Really don't know why my belly looks so flat on the 12 week picture...guess it stretches out when you hang? Hmmm....

8 weeks!

10 weeks!

12 weeks!

15 weeks!


Anonymous said...

you sneaky bugger! Were you pregnant when you were here? CVan't believe I missed it! Congrats to you both, Michy

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Oh was I ever...and not feeling very good either :)