Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crayon totem poles

(the bunny makes me laugh, hee)

A sneaky tipster tipped me off about these awesome crayon sculptures, and they really tickled my fancy. How did they know how much I love totem poles? When we were little, the three of us Bloomers even tried to make our own totem pole in our backyard. In all seriousness concerning the crayons though (ha), the level of detail that the artist, Diem Chen, puts into these mini sculptures is incredible. If you go to her website, you can see that she actually models the crayon people after real people, and the crazy part is, they really do look the same! Very cool.

On a side note, I am suddenly reminded me of the time our dog Patches (I miss Patchie) ate our crayons, and made our yard VERY colourful afterwards. But alas, they were the prettiest dog poops I've ever seen (ewwww)!
{pics from via Diem Chen}

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