Tuesday, May 4, 2010

red and yellow update

This is the story of how the red and yellow came to be.

I had this adorable yellow toaster in my apartment courtesy of a housewarming gift from my peeps.

D. had this red chair already when I moved in {the yellow of this picture came later...continue the story to see}

D. wanted this red espresso machine really badly so I got it for his birthday. I wondered if my yellow toaster could marry his red espresso machine and red chair. I wasn't sure.

Then one day we found this magnificent vintage knob and we knew it would work!

So we painted this old antique of my parent's and put on the magnificent knobs...we love it so!

Now we just need to put that finishing touch on the wall above the couch...still haven't picked which vintage poster we want but this new addition to the house makes me very excited indeed! And I want to change the yellow pillow on the red chair...it really is just a place holder that I had already and wanted to try out to see if I liked the colour combo before buying yet another pillow. I seem to have a collection of pillows all on the couch in our bedroom that is getting slightly out of hand. That is where they go when I get tired of them which seems to be often. Pillows are tricky for me.

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Melle said...

wow it looks AWESOME!!! Great job!!!