Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dining room decisions

Yesterday, after swimming and suntanning all day (ok, and maybe a little trampoline bouncing), Craigger and I decided to drive to our new house and peek in the windows to see what was up. It's done!! The cabinets, the tiles, it's all in! I am SO happy with the colours we picked for our kitchen: it looks so clean, fresh and white. And suddenly, the wave of extra excitement hit me. I can't wait to start living there! I have been trying to decide what kind of kitchen table I want...we're thinking of making one ourselves actually (sounds scary I know), but we'll see how that, or if that, actually works out! Here are some of my inspirations for the shape and designs that I covet...but oh, how to choose?! Sigh, so many options that I love. What do my 'Bloomers like?

I think this is still my all time fav look with a light table, light mismatched chairs, and our floor length black mirror propped against the wall. We might not be able to afford such a lovely rough table like this, so here are some other more economical options below ...{pic from Anne Sage}

West Elm has this really simple light wood table...i want funkier chairs than these, but I really love the simplicity and lightness of this dining room table. It will contrast nicely with our dark wood floors! {pic from West Elm}

Oh but then wouldn't a table like this be absolutely marvellicious? {from Remodelista}

I do dream of a wood top table with metal legs such as this, but all the welders I know are too busy to make it for me... {pic from architect Elizabeth Roberts}

... love love love the simple table with the coloured chairs. I think a soft blue, bright yellow and white would look super in our new house! {pic from Best House Design blog}

...maybe kind of like this mismatched chair set...i love that one bright yellow chair. I like the hanging lamp too but not in green. {from Second Hand Hannah via Marie Claire Maison}

...oh, but then how cool are these chairs? the black looks so nice with the blonde wood! {pic from Remodelista}

The big clock makes me feel happy floating there on the white walls. i also like the hanging pendant lamp over the table too. {pic from Remodelista}

... but I also love the hanging lamp over this table maybe even more! {from Marie Clair Maison}

Sigh again, the decision is going to be hard. We'll see what happens! Stay tuned for design inspiration for our little backyard patio...coming soon!

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