Thursday, May 6, 2010

table number cleverness

We have used various large numbers before for our table designs - the second picture with the yellow and grey is a table design we did for a baby shower.

These jars are from Anthropologie. Perfect!

These numbered mason jars were apparently found at Pottery Barn. I think it would be really easy to stencil a number on a mason jar yourself if you couldn't find them anymore. But it is a good way to combine the floral arrangement with the table number! Found via Cornerstone Events.

LOVING this math card table number idea! I like how you have to figure it out - even though I am the absolute worst at math and would definitely end up at the wrong table. But if D. were with me it would all be ok...he will be giving our future kiddlies the math gene, I'll give them the artsier aspect! I just think it is super adorable. And you can always use the ones with the answers to spell it out if you are worried about the IQ of your crowd. This would be especially marvyt for a nerdy cool scholarly couple. Found on Borealis Wedding.
We are using this idea for a Bat Mitzvah we are designing in August. We are hanging the numbers from Manzanita Branch centerpieces. Not sure where this picture came from!

Really like these A LOT. Don't know where I found this picture either...shame shame. I guess you need to use fakies for the flowers though - unless you could fit a plastic liner in there to hold the water. But as I'm looking at it I think the cutest part is the stacking of them and that wouldn't work on a table! Maybe you could stack plain ones and the one on top could have a number?

As always, Martha is the pinnacle of cleverness. I particularly like this combination of hydrangea with a fresh white bucket.

These adorable sticks in pots could easily be adapted to table numbers. I like how they are at random heights. They would look best on a long row of tables so you could really see the height difference. Again...don't know where this pic came from!

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