Monday, May 31, 2010

yay summer parties!

It is summer time! The weather is just so wonderful and with a few weekends of celebrating {Bloomer birthdays and Baby showers!} coming up I thought I'd share some nifty ideas I've discovered that methinks might make an appearance at our get togethers!

I really like this lemonade idea. For J Bloom's shower we are already going to have an old-fashioned lemonade stand with mason jar cups. This is such a good idea to have all the mason jars name-tagged with a napkin and cutlery in it ready to go. Then you just take your little package and dig in! Found via Project Wedding.

Always a sucker for a barn party! This is cute...and if you don't have a bench why can't you use a cushioned hay bale?? Found via Country Living.

These vellum paper mobiles are so cool! They would also be great for J Bloom's baby shower if we didn't already have too many ideas for hanging eye candy!! Found via Project Wedding {including instructions too!}

The germ freak in me LOVES this idea! I hate the creepy crawly bugs and flies that climb all over the salads at outdoor gatherings...yuck! And how cute are these?? They would be so perfect to compliment the mason jar lemonade glasses for the baby shower - but we would need about 30 of them! And then what about refills? And what if you are serving more than one salad...this is starting to get complicated!!! Found via Country Living.

Liking these posie ideas. The top pic is pretty cute and simple - wrap the container in newspaper - why not?! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! And at first I thought why is this bucket of flowers hanging? And then I realized it was a table cloth weight! So much prettier than those ugly clips! Also found via Country Living.

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jo said...

love the little mason jar packages...let's try this!