Monday, May 17, 2010

simpler + more modern corsages (thank goodness!)

I am going to be honest, my body violently rejects the "old fashioned" corsage! You know which one I mean, the one that trails up your arm. All those roses and roses, with an abundance of ribbon and tulle. Shudder up my spine, indeed! So, I've been on a mission to collect cool corsage inspirations. Small ones. Ones that are cute! Because I really do think there is potential there! What do you think about these ones? I like it when they are tied with ribbon and not on an elastic...

{pic 1 from Country Florist Wedding; pic 3 from Paratinovia; pic 2 not sure; pic 4 from Grey Likes Weddings; pic 5 from Dustland on Etsy}

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