Friday, May 21, 2010

baby bloomer bump update: 8 months

Here I am at 8 months - almost there! What a transformation. Remember how I used to say how fast the pregnancy was going? Well that has all changed! Mostly because I feel gigantic, stretched, slow and maybe just a tad waddly. I've heard the 'stretched belly' feeling likened to Joan River's face after having plastic surgery - yep, pretty much! It's getting harder to walk up the stairs, especially in my 3-story house {4 stories, if you count the basement...ouch}. And yesterday it took me 15 minutes to attempt to buckle on my gladiator sandals - and it didn't end in success. Flip flops it is!

It's also feeling a lot slower because of the anticipation. We just cannot wait to meet the little person who is actively dancing around in my tum. Who will she look like? Will she be artistic, or musical, or both or neither? I do know for a fact that she is quite excited to meet her little cousin who is only a few months behind.

This will definitely be a very fun {and busy} year ahead for the Bloomers!

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