Wednesday, May 5, 2010

saying goodbye: melanie bloomer's living room

Voila, the finale! I have 17 boxes in my car, waiting to be filled with the contents of my apartment. BUT before doing that, I just HAD to commemorate the last room in my house. You have seen my kitchen (my fav), our bedroom and first lil living room with Craigger. I have ignored all the little things that bug the fact that we bought a mattress too big for our sofa bed and now guests have to sit on a slant...and instead share with you all the little corners that I adore ...

i will miss the old windows in this apartment the most...and all my little planties on the window ledge...but they will be coming with me. can't leave my planties behind!!

Unfortunately, this was the only couch that could fit through the door - I really can't wait to get a new real person couch, especially one that isn't bulging with a giant mattress....but i sure do love the painting that Joelle Bloomer made of the poppies above our couch, especially since it detracts from our slanty problem. It's just so purty. Thanks J Bloomer. And I will definitely be bringing our big blue floor cushions to the new house though...for all the Asian-inspired parties I have of course..

i had found an old window frame at an old friends' house a few years earlier...and there's nothing cooler to me than a window frame on a wall...who knows why, but it's just so cool...

We have a big bookshelf, and this is my fav little nook. My sheepie friend from Tel Aviv lives here right by the old dried Billy Buttons from Shayna Bloomer's wedding. Sheepie coming with me.

The shelf above Craigger's desk. I like my cotton, what can I say. I don't think it's dumb at all. Hee.

On the bookshelf sits one of my fav boxes from Urban Outfitters. When your beau is a film maker, you have the need for lots of storage (the cords!!). This little birdie box made me happy about storage, even though it's just for storing mini dv tapes.

Betcha didn't know I played the pianer. Well, I do! This wall hanging was the first thing I got for the apartment after we painted it yellow. It's an embroidered fabric painting from Urban Outfitters. I lerve it.

...and the other side of the living room... our tv is propped on an old antique horse trough! It was my mom's and we could never figure out what to use it for, but we seemed to have given it a real purpose! Besides, lots of room for more of Craiggers' filmmaking equipment (and... err ... xbox games) inside.

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